Tuesday, October 18, 2011


when there is so much to write,
     but when you are in front of the pc then you just got stuck.

when you wake up in the morning and get ready to go to work, and while in the office, how u wish to do all the house work and so much things to do and all the plan you got in your head when u get home,
     but when you reached home in the evening you just want to lie down and watch tv.

when you plan so much things to go and to do in weekend,
     but when it is weekend you just stuck in the house, lie down and watch tv.

when you want all the things that u did not get,
     but when you get it you just do not want it anymore.
when you got the things you wanted or wish for,
     but you just did not know how to be thankful of what you are having.

when we are having something,
     but we want something else.

when you read other blogs and got inspired by their update, lovely words, and lovely life,
     but you just cant figure out what to write in your own blog and feel like you have no life.

when you have so many things listed down on what to buy,
     but you just do not have the money to bought it.

well, you can just change the 'you' to 'i' , 'i am' , 'me'.


Thanks for dropping out your thoughts...